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Volunteer with the
Yolo County Democratic Party

We have opened a campaign HQ office at 617 G St. Suite A1, Davis, which operates on: 3-8pm on Mon-Fri & 10am-3pm on Sat-Sun. 

The Office provides Biden Harris yard signs and voter information. YCDP will also schedules regular  phone banking sessions to competitive races both within California and other states and districts.

Davis Democratic Club

Under normal circumstances, the Club provides funding, volunteers and logistical support for local, state-wide, out-of-state and national level political campaigns.  Due to COVID, our activities in 2020 have been restricted.  The Club has already contributed significantly to various political campaigns from Biden-Harris down to the local Davis Campaign HQ Office. 

In the absence of door-to-door canvassing,  a personal handwritten letter letter is considered to be the third best form of voter outreach.  The Club has organized a letter writing campaign targeted to competitive CD’s within California.  Volunteers are provided with an address list, stationary, stamped envelopes and a script.  You can make a difference by doing this work in the safety and leisure of your own home.  The possibilities are open ended and limited only by the number of volunteers. We need your help!  If you wish to participate or have any questions, contact Bob Bockwinkel at 530-219-1896 or at email bbockwinkellrn@gmail.com.

California Democratic Party

The CDP is hosting Swing State Sundays where folks from across the state will get together virtually to call voters in competitive states for the Presidential and U.S. Senate campaigns. For more information and to sign up, please visit:  https://www.mobilize.us/cadems/event/303583/ 

CDP is also hosting virtual phone banks on Thursdays to support Propositions 15 (the Schools and Communities First Initiative) and Prop 16 (reversing the ban on affirmative action).