The Davis Democratic Club is an official Democratic Party organization in Yolo County. Quite simply, we “keep the lights turned on” during non-election years and have everything in place to hit the ground running during critical election years. Please join us.

The Club naturally serves as the volunteer base in Yolo County during political campaigns. Throughout the year, the Club host numerous special events and activities, including a Champagne Brunch, 4th of July booth, Yolo County Fair booth, Fall Barbecue, and Holiday Party. The Club publishes a monthly newsletter highlighting local political activities and events.  Board meetings are usually scheduled on the first Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise noted. You are invited to attend these meetings.  The Club is administered by a Board of Directors. Club  members, who wish to become more actively involved, are invited to consider volunteer opportunities as a board member.


The Davis Democratic club is an organization composed of registered Democrats interested in election to the offices of the democratic Party or interested in becoming candidates of the Democratic Party; promoting the Democratic Party in Davis, in Yolo County and in California; seeking full information about the Democratic Party and its candidates for local, statewide and national office; desiring to foster the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party; and providing all people, through the election of Democrats, the highest degree of social justice and welfare.


This organization shall be known as the Davis Democratic Club.


SECTION 1 It is the policy of this organization to elect Democratic Party candidates; to develop leadership; to increase party responsibility and responsiveness; to maintain and promote harmony within party ranks while sustaining diversity and the free interchange of ideas; and to educate members, candidates and the public.

SECTION 2 The Board alone may endorse policies that the State and National group have taken on a position. Where policy is not stated on a given issue the Board may take the matter to the general membership by majority vote of the Board and prior notice for action. Any such action shall then be subject to the membership approval by mail or e-mail vote or at the next general meeting or a special meeting within one-month notice. Any issues or propositions to be discussed must be covered in the newsletter.

SECTION 3 It shall be the Policy of this club to refrain from making pre-primary endorsements, and to refrain from endorsing propositions except where they are in conformity with the state and national party platforms and the Board of the State Democratic Party. The board may go against policy by making a pre-primary consensus endorsement as indicated by a two-thirds plus one vote for one or more candidates, who are competing for election to the same partisan office.

SECTION 4 This organization shall support nominees of the Democratic Party in elections. By a majority vote of the Board, this organization may support the Democratic candidate in an election to nonpartisan office. By a consensus vote of the Board, as indicated by a two-thirds plus one vote, this organization may support one of several democratic candidates, who are competing for election to the same nonpartisan office.

SECTION 5 Use of the Davis Democratic Club mailing list shall be made available to “Democratic Candidates” on the following basis:

  • Democratic candidates for Nonpartisan Office $50 + cost of labels
  • Democratic Nominees for Partisan office “ + “
  • Democratic Candidates in Partisan Primary Elections “ + “
  • Democratic Candidates in Partisan General Election “ + “
  • Democratic Candidates in Uncontested Partisan Primary Elections “ + “

The Democratic organization requesting use of the mailing list must make it in writing and submit a copy of the specific mailing. The Board shall decide charges for use of the mailing list for promoting stands on issues, propositions or any purpose not covered in the policy. (minimum charge $50 + label cost).

Use of the mailing labels shall be for the sole purpose and time specified in the written request. The labels may not be copied, shared, sold, provided, donated or given to any other cause, campaign, candidate or organization.

SECTION 6 The newsletter, e-mail lists, and web site will accept brief announcements pertaining to special events involving political and social issues, which are compatible with the ideals of the Democratic Party as reflected in its State and/or National platforms, and with the approval of the newsletter editor, corresponding secretary of the web site and the e-mail coordinator. However, we want to discourage simple community or meeting announcements. The newsletter shall be published in a timely manner as directed by the board.

All non-democratic announcements need a sponsor and a second from amongst the Board. They are subject to review by the editor. Appeals can be made to the Board. The goal of accepting announcements is to provide closer liaison with community groups who do support the Democratic
Party and its issues.

Advertisements will be accepted from non-profit groups at a pro-rata cost, and at a slightly higher fee from private parties, and be identified as paid advertisements. They are subject to space limitation, and in total must not be more that 35% of the newsletter.

Advertisements are subject to review by the editor. Appeals may be directed to the Board.

SECTION 7 Club monies shall not be given to any non-Democratic Party affiliated organization.

SECTION 8 The Weir-Willaimson award shall be presented to the Outstanding Yolo County Democrat yearly at the Yolo County Democratic Central Committee Bean Feed. (See attached award information).


The Davis Democratic Club shall maintain an open membership policy for all registered Democrats who are residents of the State of California.


SECTION 1 The officers shall be: President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Coordinator, Newsletter Editor and Membership Chair.

SECTION 2 The President shall announce the club is seeking candidates for all offices in the October newsletter. The President shall appoint a nominating committee that shall put forth the names of all qualified candidates. The committee shall publicize a list of all qualified candidates in the December newsletter and present it at the third general meeting of the year, on a biennial basis. The President shall call for nominations from the floor. The officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the members attending. Only paid up members shall vote or/and be elected officers. The members must pay their club dues by the meeting prior to the election meeting. Ballots will be prepared for members that have paid their dues by the recording secretary and distributed at the election meeting. The elected officers shall serve for a period of two years.

SECTION 3 Whenever a vacancy arises in an officer position, the President will announce the vacancy and request nominations from the membership. The vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the term by majority vote of the Board.


SECTION 1 The President shall preside over general Board meetings and shall be responsible for the overall direction of the club. The President shall carry out any special directives of the Board.

SECTION 2 The Vice President shall act to assist the President and Board and shall perform the duties of the President when that officer is absent. The Vice President shall serve as program chair.

SECTION 3 The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Board meeting, meeting roll of attendance and shall keep a permanent copy of all formal reports by officers or committees and shall act as the club historian by keeping a copy of minutes, reports, publicity and newsletters in yearly binders. These binders will be permanent club records. Additional duties of the Recording Secretary is to manage the e-mail lists of the club.

SECTION 4 The Corresponding Secretary shall be responsible for the handling of all correspondence for the club both printed and electronic. All correspondence shall be approved by the President (or Vice President in the absence of the President).

SECTION 5 The Treasurer shall receive and disburse the funds of the club, keeping a careful and accurate account of all monies so received and disbursed. All expenditures, except for regular disbursements for such routine items as newsletter postage and hall rentals, shall be budgeted and approved in advance by the Board when time permits. When timely expenditures are required, the President may authorize disbursement of funds. The treasurer shall ensure that all political and financial reports required by any government entity are timely filed. The treasurer shall make monthly reports to the board and an annual report to the membership. The Treasurer or President shall sign checks and both shall sign any required bank documents.

SECTION 6 The Publicity Chair shall ensure that all general meeting, elections, meeting of the Board, as well as special events, are adequately publicized.

SECTION 7 The Newsletter Editor shall publish and distribute the Club’s monthly newsletter in a timely manner as directed by the Board.

SECTION 8 The Membership Chair shall organize and maintain records of the Club’s membership, provide such information to Club officers, candidates for political office and others upon direction by the Board and promote activities to maintain and increase Club Membership. The Membership Chair shall also generate mailing labels of the Club membership as directed by the Board.

SECTION 9 The Executive Advisory Committee will consist of all elected officers and the designated immediate past president. The committee will meet at the pleasure of the President. This committee may make recommendations, which will be brought to the Board for its consideration.


SECTION 1 The elected officers and certain appointed Club members will constitute the Board. Club members, who satisfy the eligibility requirements, may request appointment to the Board. Approval of this request will be determined by a majority of the existing Board voting in favor of the member’s appointment to the Board. A majority of Board members, excluding those having pre-approved excused absences and those on approved Leave of Absence, shall constitute a quorum to conduct business. There shall be such standing committees, ad hoc committees, and specific task assignments, as the Board feels necessary. The assignment of committee chairs, committee members and members to perform specific tasks shall be made by the Board. Club members who have paid current dues and are serving in such capacities are eligible for appointment to the Board. Current payment of Club dues is a continuing requirement for Board membership, whether by election or appointment. Failure to satisfy this requirement automatically results in suspension from the Board.

SECTION 2 Appointment to the Board will be for up to a two (2) year term. All board member terms will be completed upon the day of the Board Officer Elections. Effective from the date of approval or the date of appointment, upon completion of their two (2) year or less term, the newly elected Board Officers will review and assess the appointee’s continued membership on the Board with respect to the Board membership requirements as stated within these by-laws.

SECTION 3 Any board member paid to act as a political consultant or who manages a political campaign or has agreed to work in that capacity, must declare their activities or affiliations to the board. They are not required, but it is recommended, to recuse themselves in the Board’s endorsement process and endorsement of a candidate or ballot measure he or she represents or has agreed to represent.

SECTION 4 The Board may include one or more ex-officio members as follows:

A) An elected public official who is a Davis resident and who was either on the Board at the time of election to public office or who is invited by the Board to serve after the date of election.

B) A person with special expertise of significant value to the Davis Democratic Club, who is invited by the Board to serve as an ex-officio member.

An ex-officio member may vote, but will not be allowed to make or second motions. Although they are encouraged to attend board meetings, they are not subject to the attendance requirements contained in these bylaws. Ex-officio members shall serve at the pleasure of the Board.

SECTION 5 Any interested Democrat may attend Board meetings.

SECTION 6 A Board member absent for three of five consecutive board meetings, or absent three board meeting in a row, exclusive of excused absences, shall be removed from the Board. Absence for cause may be excused prior to a meeting by approval of the President for a maximum of three excused absences in any calendar year. Members, who for cause, are unable to attend meetings, may request a temporary Leave of Absence for up to six months, subject to approval by vote of a majority of the Board. Following this approved Leave of Absence, the member may resume their term of appointment to the Board.

SECTION 7 All committee chairs and committee members shall carry out such responsibilities as given to them by the President or Board.


The Davis Democratic Club shall have a minimum of ten general meeting each year. Monthly dinners or other special events may constitute a general meeting if so designated by the President or a two-thirds vote of the Board.


The board shall establish membership dues to be paid on a yearly basis; there shall be a reduced rate of dues for students.


The bylaws may be amended by a three-fourths vote of the Board at any meeting or by two thirds vote at the meeting following the one in which an amendment is submitted.


In issues of rules of order not covered by the by-laws, the club will follow “Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly Revised)”.

Last revised and approved by Davis Democratic Club Board on 4-3-2012

Approved by Davis Democratic Club membership on 9-23-2012

Board Members

  • President: Stephen Souza
  • Vice President: Rick Gonzales
  • Treasurer: Ameer Alsawaf
  • Recording Secretary: Jan Agee
  • Corresponding Secretary and Publicity: Giles Giovinazz
  • Membership: Gary Hopkins
  • Newsletter: Carl Schmid
  • Appointed Members: Bob Bockwinkel, Linda Deos, Bob Marr, Chuck White
  • Ex Officio: DCD [current President], Bill Julian, Jim Provenza,